fourtrak 2.8 into sportrak???


hi guys, ive had it up to the eyes with the f300/feroza/sportrak motor now and it HAS to go. its just cack, even while it was running tidy and not knocking its brains out, it wouldnt pull a greasy man out of bed!!!!
So, i would really like to fit a 2.8d or td fourtrak motor into the old girl to give the torque we both deserve.
Someone somewhere must have done it, or ar least tried it!
ANY input from you guys really appreciated, im on the edge!!
Spencer. Help

Feroza power

I have a '92 Feroza with a 1.6 litre 16 valve engine. Like you, I found the engine seriously underpowered and mechanics told me that the engine is too small for the car.
I have made some minor modifications and now my car does 0 to 100 km in under 14 seconds which beat the heck out of any Mitsubishi Pajeros.
The modifications are minor as follows;
K&N air filter with extension tube to ensure that the air drawn in is far from the engine and not heated.
4 into 2 into 1 exhaust manifold extractor downpipes.
Advance the engine timing to just before it pings.
Free flow exhaust silencer.
I don't complain about lack of power anymore and the engine pulls cleanly from under 2000 rpm