Fourtrak F80 engine reliability


I've bought a Fourtrak F80 with a 3Y 1998 cc petrol engine (from year 1988).
Is that engine a Toyota Engine?
Which other car is equiped with this engine?
The Fourtrak I have bought has 140 000km (about 88 000 miles) and I was wondering at how many miles or kilometers those petrol engine generally die Unknw
I plan to make a 7000km trip next summer with this car (Paris->Spain->Maroco->Mauritania->Senegal) and even If I have heard that this car is reliable, I just want to make sure !
Thanks for your answers


Hi. I've had several F80's.

Hi. I've had several F80's. I don't know why more people have them, as they are cheaper (genrally) to by than the F70, and just as capable in every way.
The 3Y is a Toyota lump. She is fitted to both the Hiace, and the Hilux bettween 84 & 89.
As for reliability, I've not blown one up yet,and I treat mine with a heavy foot off road. The highest milage one I had was 130,000 miles.
Hope that helps?

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