I recently bought a 1992 Sportrak which has little bits of surface rust on it, however I would like to
get rid of all the little rusty bits but where do I get the paint from? any help would be much appreciated.


if you look back on this site you will find someone having probs getting matching paint.i got my paint at milners offroad no probs you need the colour code and if you are two tone they will ask you which colour you want.i sprayed my wheel arches last week and since my fourtrak is 16yrs young the match was spot on.only thing is its a bit expensive if your not ordering anything else,you would be better getting a catalogue sent first just incase theres something else you need.


Thanks for the advice will look on there.



It was me who was havin' trouble matching paint and I haven't made any progress yet. My F78 is dark grey over silver. I got the dark grey (hand touch up) from Halfords no prob by quoting my colour code but they can't find any info on the silver. Milner only do aerosols which is no good to me as I'm only touching up stone chips and they couldn't give me a colour code either. If you find any silver touch up please let me know


Leigh CH9