Charade TD white smoke, loss of power


Hello everyone!

One year ago I bought a 1993 Charade TD 1.0, the limited edition (full of extras, as it was the last few cars from the old series). Everything was fine with it, and I fell in love with the little monster! But a few months ago it started to smoke heavily, and it's not accelerating as it used to. Although the 4-5 litre consuption is still fine in the city, but I'm getting a little worried about it. Some mechaninc said it could be the turbo, another one said it could be the cylinder rings. I use Shell 10W40 oil in it. It starts fine, runs smoothly, does not owerheat, although the exhaust has a little puffing noise in it. Maybe it could be the Catalisator? Rolling Eyes

Please help me! Maybe you ran across a problem like mine before...


If its a TD with black smoke its diesel burn. Try a fuel additive [Halfords] which cleans the injectors. Make certain its for cleaning injectors rather than just an additive. Go blast it on the motorway for a few miles and then check for smoke.
If car is used frequently for low mile journeys the injectors get gummed and their spray pattern becomes poor so the diesel fails to burn fully - hence black smoke which is probably more evident at start-up.

if it lacks power, it might b

if it lacks power, it might be those piston rings.. light blue smoke would be oil (any extra consumption), black too much diesel to burn=lesser compression. does the fluid level in radiator change while using accelerator, or does the fluid bubble?? might be leakage into cooling system.. i dunno Wink also check if there is extra amount of pressure coming from "oil cap"

Well, to be honest: • She

Well, to be honest:
• She eats about 1 litre oil on ~500 kms
• 1 litre cooilng fluid on ~100 kms
• the fluid bubbles after heavy duty (even if I keep the engine running for 1 or minutes after I stop
• the air filter gets dirty very very often
• between 2000 and 3000 rpms (max torque) it runs fine. No smoke, lots of power, after 3000 rmps, light white smoke, after 4000 rmps, heavy white smoke, but not blueish at all.

Now your 'being honest'.....

Thats a different story to your first posting. With air bubbles in the coolant its either the head gasket blown or the cylinder head is cracked.


sounds like it could be the turbo, had the same problem a few years ago with a mitsubishi starion, started off with a very loud whistle from the turbo under acceleration then 2 weeks later no power and lots of white smoke, mitsi was petrol but would imagine derv would give the same symptoms