F50 Wheelbearings


Can anyone please tell me if the front wheelbearings on my 1983 F50 are the same as the later F70 model.(the discs and pads are the same)Thank you.

Can't tell you that for sure,

Can't tell you that for sure, though I know the swivel housing barings are diffrant, so the asemblies are not identical.
However if you strip the hub down enugh to get a look at the end of the baring, there shuld be a set of numbers stamped into the roller housing. If you go to a baring specalist company, like Kent Barings, they should be able to suply you with a replacment from those numbers. Probably cheaper than a genuin Dahatsu part too.

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F50 front wheelbearings

Thanks for the info, I have the opportunity to buy 2 x F70 bearings and was wondering if anybody would have the part no's for both models.