Charade Engine Trouble


Hi Everyone

I'm having a bit of trouble with my 1994 Charade CS. The engine revs up and down when idling. Has anyone had this problem before or can help me? Thanks

mine does. it´s a -91, but i

mine does. it´s a -91, but i think it´s the same engine.

it´s nothing to worry aboot, i´ve had it for years.

i used to work at a Daihatsu dealership, and they didn´t have a solution to it either. the guess was that the reason was a laek in a vacuum-hose in the intake.
i haven´t really bothered to check it out...

Check the breather

Try check the breather and the pcv valve if it has one. Last time when my Mira bahaved so, was the breather from the top cover.