I think I am having a fuel injection problem with my '89 charade 1.3 litre EFI hatch. If my car has been sitting for a few hours, it starts fine, but once driven and warm, then left for 20-30 minutes it will turn over for about a minute (battery almost flat), then start to chug and splutter and blow heaps of black smoke and gradually run, but really rough until I have been driving for a few minutes. Most mechanics have not got a clue as to what is going on, and can't fix it. HE-E-E-E-LP!

Tony How old exactly is your

How old exactly is your battery? You say it winds down almost flat. AFAIK EFI systems need battery voltage to run correctly. The voltage drop may be causing it to run poorly, but after a few minutes running, the alternator would have put enough surface charge into the battery to allow correct operation. Get a loan of another battery to see if it is any better, or at worse, put yours on charge for a day or so.


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Growing old is compulsary, growing up isnt.
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Charade hot start

I have had 3 different Applause suffer the same fate and replacing the coolant temperature sensor fixed all 3.The sensor will intermittently read minus 20 deg or there abouts and cause the ECU to over fuel.The Applause run basically the same EFI system.