Lack of power on F75


Thought I should share this with you. For a number of weeks my F75 has suffered from lack of power and would not do more than 60 mph. I did all the usual things....bled the fuel lines, bled the injectors, checked the fuel tanks and fuel lines...even checked all hoses to the turbo. The truck would sometimes run ok then lose power again.

3 days ago I climbed into the drivers seat and dropped my pen. I had to remove a floor mat to find it. Since then the truck has run like a dream....plenty of acceleration ever and will do over 80 mph (a bit scary though). It seems the corner of the floor mat was getting trapped between the accelerator pedal and its stop !

Although I feel a bit of a fool the problem was sorted in the end and I pass this information on in case any of you have a similar problem.

talking of fools

mine broke down 2 weeks ago after filling up with fuel, thought the garage had got water in the diesel tank as this happened to me before,
rang garage to see if anyone else had the same problem,they asked if i had my receipt gave them the number only to be told i'd put £34 of unleaded in, best bit is ive been running diesel for ages so cant use the excuse of being new to derv, but on the bright side after syphoning the tank and refilling with derv it now runs better and the fuel economy has got much better, so i think it must of cleaned the injectors. regards Mark (THE HALF WIT)

same here

exactly same thing happened to me when i got my `trak 6 years ago, now its the 1st thing i check if i sense a loss of power