Fuel Cat


Hello there fellow Daihatsu owners. I have a Sportrak and was recently at the National 4x4 Show (disappointed there were no Sportraks present) and I purchased a Fuel Cat. I was wondering if anybody else has one on there vehicle. If so does it work? And secondly how the hell do you put it on? No instructions with it!
Many thanks


If its the 'inline' version a

If its the 'inline' version and not the 'tank' version you simply install the cat in a convenient place along the inlet fuel line i.e. the fuel line going into the carb or if yours is the fuel injection model, before the fuel line enters the injector pump.
Simply cut fuel line and install cat securing both ends with jubilee clips.

hope this helps

Inline Version

Yes it is the inline version and it is fuel injected. Have you got one yourself Mike? and does it work?


4x4 show

What day were you at Trentham? I went on the sunday with my Sportrak, and didnt see any others there either. Quite a few Fourtracks tho - was chatting one owner who had parked next to me after i came off the off-road course.

Did you take yours round the course? I took mine round the 'proper' course (not the scenic drive!) - i was very impressed with the way the sporty handled it, altho one steep decsent was hairy because it decided to run away on itself! (think it lifted a wheel, had a similar effect to dipping the clutch - not good!!)

I was a little disapointed with the show - i wanted to look for wheels and tyres but there were none, the huge monster truck wasnt there and as the for "robot wars specially built arena"... well!!

Still had a good day tho!


4x4 Show

I was there on Sunday too, couldnt see another Sportrak even in the car park.
I had a look for the courses but couldnt find them, not even the 'proper' one, gutted cause i would have had a go.
I saw one stall with my tyres 235 75 15r, but £250 part worn soon put me off!
Yes I dont think Craig Charles would have been presenting 'Robot Wars' from Trentham Gardens!! Rubbish.

£7.50 was steep too, oh well, c u next year.


Re: 4x4 show

Oh right! After off-road course i drove round the car park looking for Sporty's but didnt see any, but parked mine right near the exit/entrance!

The off road course was right at the top of the field, up past the KAP Suzuki and Nene Overland stands. Had to ask the traders to find it tho!

I think i know what you mean about the tyres for sale - all part worn but all pretty big and very chunky!!

Probably go again next year tho, for off roading if nothing else!!