YRV Turbo twin exhaust


My YRV Turbo is less than 2 years old, but the rear twin pipe is heavily corroded, so will need replacing very soon. I contacted Daihatsu - the twin pipe is made to order - it takes 2 weeks and costs £215 including vat, the standard single pipe costs only £50, so I think I'll be reverting to that.

Whilst searching the net I found Blitz: http://www.blitz-uk.co.uk/2003/what.asp?page=RESULTS

Blitz accessories for the Daihatsu YRV:

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Code Description Chassis No Retail Qty
26140 BLITZ SUS POWER AIR CLEANER more... M201G/M211G K3VET 09/00- £150.00
70068 BLITZ DUMP VALVE DD more... M201G/M211G K3VET 09/00- £237.00
MD3010 BLITZ NUR SPEC R EXHAUST more... M211G K3-VET 08/00- £422.00

YRV Twin exhaust

You could try a custom exhaust manufacturer who could make a stainless steel system to the same YRV Turbo spec exhaust. It also would not corode or rust.

It may be expensive but it would come with a life time guarantee.

When my exhaust goes I am going to use these:


YRV Twin Exhaust

Good idea - I found MIJ Performance: http://www.exhaustuk.co.uk/home.htm - not too far from where I live. No point paying £215 for a mild steel exhaust that might not last 2 years - I'll get a quote for stainless steel.