New Sirion 1.0SE - parking sensors (replacement part)


Hi there,

I have a problem, I managed (don't ask) to reverse at very slow speed into a road sign pole, as luck or the lack of it would have it, I have smashed the nearside most sensor.

I contacted my dealer, and they consulted the parts computer only to discover that the only solution is to purchase the optional extra parking sensor kit, including 4 sensors, a cpu box and all the associated wiring. Total Cost about £150. inc vat. (this is the part price and does not include fitting.

I have searched the internet, and find that there ois a site in the USA which is offering a replacement sensor for $7.99. My quandary is do I go ahead and order it, bearing in mind that it may not be compatible, or can anyone tell me who the manufacturer of the original equipment fit part is, so that I can identify the correct part, and hopefully sorce just one sensor.

I must add at this time my dealer is pursuing a similar line, as he thinks it is OTT me having to purchase a whole new unit.

If anyone can answer this, I would be extremely pleased to hear from them. The part is fitted as an extra on all Suburu's sold by International Motors in the United Kingdom, if this would help in identifying the part.