got a f70 f reg, and my old car had a beeper that would tell you when uyou turned off the igntion and got out, that the lights were still on!
I have left the lights on my rocky twice now, cos im forgetfull!
has anyone fitted a lights on alarm to one of these? if so can i but a kit or something to fit one myself?


Ligths on alarm

Hi Jon,

I if you can get hold of a 12 volt buzzer or beeper, you need to wire it to an ignition switch + feed and to a side light + feed. The igition + feed becomes -neg earth when switched off so if the lights are on and the ignition is off the buzzer will sound, when the ignition is switched on the buzzer gets two + feeds so will not sound. I found the easiest place for an igition & light feed was the back of the Volt gauge in the centre of the dash, just join into the side light wire ( green with red bands ) & the ignition wire ( red with blue stripe ). The buzzer that i used was polarity sensitive so you may be to experiment with the wires from the unit as to which way round you wire them in. Hope this helps