Fourtrack 'lively' handling


I drove my first fourtrax recently and the handling was really lively. It was quite difficult to keep the car straight, it seemed to bounce around and wanted to veer off. This was even at low speed 30-40mph. Other than this handling 'problem' the ride otherwise seemed fine. Is this normal? The wheels and tyres were quite fat - does that make a difference?

Handling probs

Could be a couple of things - after you've turned a corner, does the wheel feel like it doesn't want to come back straight? This might be a steering box problem. Might also be worth checking the wheel bearings - have a good look at the front tyres, if they're scuffed and scrubbed around the outer walls, this is an indication that the bearings have gone, - the wheels will be constantly juddering and will scrub their rubber off.
Finally, fourtraks are notorious for sticking brake calipers - get the fronts off and check that the slide pins are nice and clean. They pick up a lot of shit, and need copper slipping now and again to ensure they release properly. If they're dirty, they tend to grab on, and drag you across the road when you brake, or even when you're not if they're really bad. If it's stood for a while this makes the brakes the most likely culprit.

Good luck