My Rocky won't start...


I've got a 1990 Rocky 1.6L petrol which I can't get started. It isn't getting fuel to the filter at the firewall. We put a new fuel pump on as the old one wasn't starting with the key in the "on" position. The new one (fuel pump) does come on with the key in the "on" position, but still no fuel. I put a tester on the fuel pump shows just under 12v in the "on" position and fluctuates some just below 11v in the "start" position. I also drained the tank just to see if there was fuel and there should have been plenty (5-6 gal). What am I missing?



Try a direct gravity feed fro

Try a direct gravity feed from an elevated 5 litre drum. You may have some sort of fuel line blockage.


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Thanks all...

Thanks all for the excellent info. I now have fuel pressure to the rail, but still no fire. It doesn't appear as though anything is coming out of the injectors. I'm having the injectors rebuilt and putting on a new fuel pressure regulator...I've got a sneaky suspicion that'll do it.



P.S. It did, in fact, need to have the pump re-primed as we drained and checked the lines a couple of times (at various stages).


If your certain the fuel pump is activating then it sounds like an air lock in the feed pipe. Raise the fuel tank higher than the pump [ramp/jack/big Auzzie bloke or woman!] or fill the fuel pipe with fuel then connect to the pump. Fuel pump should then be primed and will suck - unless the diaphram in the pump is leaking.

....... have you tested the pump off the car ... feed tube into a tin of fuel. Beware of sparks/fuel from electrical connections.

Rocky won't start

the pump might be to small. may need priming, the petrol tube might be blocked or the pump might not have enought power to get enough fuel threw at pressure

also the voltage sounds low so check the battrie voltage if its below 12.6v put it on charge for 24 hrs on a low charge rate (helthy battries usualy put out 12.6 to 13.4v when the alternater is running the voltage is usualy around the 14v mark). also check the resistance from pozative batt terminal t the posative of the fuel pump. if is larg check the cable conections or switch contacts (turn the key on and off sevrel times)