F75 - Audible Clunking noise when changing gear


I'm getting a weird clunking noise on my F75 (rugger) when I pull up the clutch during a geat change? doe anyone have any Idea's?

2 possibilities I can think o

2 possibilities I can think of

1. the Universal joint/s on the prop may be worn..get under you vehicle and pull /tug/yank prop up and down and from side to side..there should be no or very very little movement..if there is suspect UJ'S are shot.

2. Wear to crown and pinion gear in rear differential...

How old is your vehicle and what milage has it done Unknw

1987 Rugger (F75)

95000km (60000 miles?), motor and grarbox have been reconditioned 30000km ago by previous owner but it appears to have been sitting round a lot, I'll check all the shafts and regrease them.,..

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)

Nope, I would say its the clu

Nope, I would say its the clutch on the way out. Does it judder, with it being nearly impossible to smoothly change gear. I have had this, a new clutch fixed it.


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gear change seems smooth enough.....

the universal or the rack and pinion may be a possibility as I seem to remember having similar trouble with one or two of my cortina's years ago (ok i'll admit to owning 4 of them.....but this was in the 80's where my fashion was a bit dodgy)

Jerry (New Zealand)
1987 F75 2.8 TD Rugger (Rocky, Fourtrak)
2000 2.0 Turbo Diesel Grand Vitara (Puegot Engined)

Hmmmmmm.....think we need a l

Hmmmmmm.....think we need a little more info...can you pinpoint from which end of vehicle the 'clunking'is coming from...if its nearer the arse end it aint gonna be the clutch....if as David suggests there is juddering and difficulty with gear change then you could be talking clutch....I experienced what could only be described as a clunk on gear change (no difficulty changing up or down gears).Clunk occured if I let out the clutch a wee bit too quickly or if I accelerated after slowing down....turned out to be shot uj's...easy to check ...checking the uj's to eliminate them as a possible cause is preferable to dropping the gearbox to do a clutch lol.
Anyone who dropped the box to recondition it and didnt fit a new clutch on reassembly would be mad especially as it had done nearly 70000 when box was reconditioned.