Sportrak Mods


I have taken my sportrak off the road for a while (head gasket blown)so while I'm not unsing it and the engine is stripped down I'm gonna try to improve the performance a bit I've already got a K&N on there, taken off the air con and put a bigger rad in and a bonnet scoop. Can anyone suggest any other mods that will give me better fuel ecconomy and performance

I just put a new intake on my

I just put a new intake on my 1600, and I'm getting ready to put a turbo on it. I assume you have the same engine. There are several little tweaks and tricks to getting a little power out of these engines, such as plugging off the intake air heater, but you want to be careful about changing the engine internals. I've heard of people changing cams, but I don't know if that is a good idea. This engine revs up really high really fast because of the hollow cam and crankshaft design that's already on it. Also, this is an interference engine and putting a cam on there that opens the valves up more only increases the chances to make the pistons kiss the valves at high rpm. I would just plan on getting the airflow better, both on the intake and the exhaust, and maybe think about putting some sort of positive airflow on there. Also, since you have to replace the head gasket already, try looking for an aftermarket high-performance gasket that will hold up to higher compression. So far with just the intake mods I've gained over 11kw. I'm hoping to reach over 110kw with the turbo on there. Just make sure you get the intake and exhaust flowing smoothly and work on lowering the intake air temperature, just don't change the internals much. Hopefully this helps.

Thanks for the advice just go

Thanks for the advice just got the performance gasket and the manifolds are on the way. Where did you get the turbo and was it it much trouble to put on?

well, I haven't put the turbo

well, I haven't put the turbo on yet, but I got it from a junk yard, it came off of a '92 Mitsubishi 3000GT. I think that a K03 turbo from a '99+ volkswagen or audi 1.8t will also work great on there. I haven't done the math on those yet, but they should spool up nice on this engine. Now that all the original intake tubing and air filter are out of the way, I have plenty of room. I just have to make an adapter plate to go on the exhaust mainfold (I'm keeping the stock exhaust mainfold too by the way since it's perfect to mount a turbo onto), a down tube from the turbo and I have to make the intake tubing. I'm using the blow-off valve from a jetta, and an aftermarket boost controller. I haven't seen anybody else who has done this, so I'm figuring all this out as I go along. The hardest part will be re-programming the computer, or finding another computer to allow for positive pressure on the intake. I don't know where to get another ecm, but I'm looking at going with one from about a '89-94 toyota 22ret. The original design of the 1600 engine was for it to always have a vacuum, and when you put positive pressure on the manifold if really freaks out all the sensors. If you want to keep up with this project, here's what I've done so far not many pics on there yet, and I haven't taken the pics of the heat shield I made for it yet, but I'll get those up soon. I was just trying to see what kind of performance I could get with just a new intake kit, but not quite enough that's why I'm going with a turbo now. For the most part I don't think this will be too difficult, just time consuming and somewhat expensive to get all the right parts. If you can make some of the parts yourself, that will also make it a lot easier too.