adding central locking


well after getting more and more feed up with no central locking on my 1989 f70 rocky, bought a kit off ebay!

see this link, these kits are pucker, the seller is good. got the goods in less than a week!

i fitted the kit to my car last night, yep it took me less than four hours to put central locking in my 3 door rocky!
if anyone wants any pics or tips on fitting these things then let me know. it ended up costing me around 25 quid, to put it in and it can be upgraded to a full alarm system too!

im not advertising this seller or these kits, i am just so chuffed that it was so simple and cheap to put central locking in my old truck, i thought i would tell you lot!



these kits sound great would

these kits sound great would they work for a 89 charade without too much hassel? also these kits are made and shipped from australia rite? so why are they only shipping to uk? cheers

im not the seller of these ki

im not the seller of these kits, i was just very impressed with them!

I dont see why they would not be dead easy to fit to any car, i dont think they work with ford type locks!

fitting the soliniods to the inside of the doors literally took mins, once i sorted where to put them, it was dead easy, only took mins, to get the front doors working, getting all the wiring in took the most time.

mine was shipped from kong kong, and took less than a week.

the only thing i would say about the kits is, that the instructions are pants, if i didnt have any knowledge of electronics, it would have been a mission to get working, but a couple of mins with my test gear and i worked out what was going on! bined the instructions after five mins.

if you want any advice about fitting these things then i dont mind questions!


anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

i brought the same kit, but need help

I recently brought the same kit from eBay, but I am having trouble connecting it, as you know the kit came with a main unit for the standard central locking without keyless entry and a main unit(which is bigger and has more wires) for central locking with keyless entry(if we did get the same kit). I assume that the main unit for the standard central locking is not needed. my problem is matching the wire harness that would connect to this standard main unit to the main unit for keyless entry (I have connected all the actuators to the wire harness and had the central locking working with the main unit from the standard central locking without keyless entry) the wire harness has 5 wires: black white, brown, blue and green and the main unit for the keyless entry has 6 wires: orange, white, yellow, orange/black, white/black, and yellow/black. I have a multi meter and have found that when the standard central locking(without keyless entry) is set up the white wire is 12V when the actuators are closed, and the brown wire is 12v when the actuators are open, im guessing black is ground and the blue and green wires im not sure of. I hope I haven’t confused you, but do you know which wire to connect to which. I am hoping you know what im talking about, I think you will if we have the same kit. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

these kits are proper confusi

these kits are proper confusing aint they! Smile

you need both boxes, the smaller box controls the actuators, and the larger box with more wires, is the keyless entry. the smaller box must be used to trigger the actuators!
ok! so the larger box, (this is from memory, so bare with me) the brown wires, go to the side lights and indicators, so when you trigger the system the lights flash ( cool) they flash different for open and closed.
Now this system is supposed to be used with another box, which is a ultra sonic alarm system, so bare that in mind as there will be wires whitch dont do anything, such as the pink wire and the orange wires.

so on the small box you have a brown and a white wire, these must be connected to the keyless triggers on the larger box. (as there is no alarm box wiring it up is not quite as simple, as this box i have worked out toggles the open and closed switches).
so without the alarm box, the open button on the keyfob will open and close the doors, as will the closed switch, (as the alarm box is not there to toggle the triggers).
so take the brown wire and join both the yello wires from the larger box to the brown on the smaller, and then take both thw white wires from the larger box and join them to the white wire on the smaller box.

you can now open and close the actuators on the keyfob.

black is ground yes and both boxes need a ground, red is live on both boxes and a direct feed from the battery needs to be applied, fused between, then wire both boxes to it, on one fuse.

this should work, if your still unsure i can talk you thru it, 07875640050 (jon)

p.s. best place for the actuator in the rear door, is behind the handle/interior handle, take this off and fit behind, it works very well. (horizontally)
also in the front doors, i found its best the have the actuators fitted vertically, and they turn push pull the lever off the key turny thingy, not the horizontal lock thingy.

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Remote Locking


Just bought myself one of these kits and am going to try fitting it this weekend. A few of questions you might be able to help me with.
How do you match the remotes to the main controller and did you use the two master solenoids in the front doors and a slave in the rear door or what?
Where did you install the control units?

the remotes are already progr

the remotes are already programmed/,matched to the controller, if not the main unti can learn the keyfob, think that is mentioned in the instructions, but out the box, mine worked on both the keyfobs.
hopefully, my post above will cover wiring?
yep i put the two masters in the front doors, and a slave in the rear.
the wiring loom aint long enough so you will probably have to lenghten at least one master loom. the slave was a bugger to get to the back door, had to take the drivers side rear lights out to get the wire thru the door.

i put both the controll units under the dash in the passenger foot well. behind the glove box. there is a handy place there with bracket for something, which i bolted the main box to, and cable tied the smaller box to a bracket under there also.

all in all, it took me less than a day to fit,

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Tested cct

Hi Jon

Layed the components out at work and tested the cct everything working fine. Found a piezo buzzer and that works on the pink wire as well. Can't wait to get started on the installation.



have fun :-)

have fun Smile

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Hi Jon One more question.

Hi Jon

One more question. Where did you cut into the wiring loom to connect to the Indicators.

thats a bit fiddly, try and g

thats a bit fiddly, try and get a feed to the back of the hazard relay, only need to jumper the wires, or you could trigger the hazard relay its self with the feed from the master box.
you can use one brown wire to the hazards and the other to the side lights if you want!

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