No ignition spark,..charade


The timing belt broke on my k reg 1300 Charade EFI. I replaced the belt and inlet and exhaust valves but now I can't get a spark from the ignition and it won't start.There was a spark before I started the repair.Any ideas anyone? Is there an engine management system on this car?


I can't actually help you with your problem - i just noticed that you are a charade driver as well. I posted a query about my charade and had no replies either... Apparently this isn't really a daihatsu drivers forum, its a daihatsu fourtrak drivers forum...!

Sorry about delay

I can't see why you'd not be able to get a spark, so I would check everything to see if you've knocked something lose or something. However you could see what the Fault code is as that might give a clue. The instructions are below. Sorry if they seem a bit vague but I got them from elsewhere and I not own a Charade.

After shorting the white connector, switch the ignition to ON position and check the instrument cluster.
The number of times it blinks indicates the fault codes.
The two pins to short are the top left one and the bottom one.
The following method is used to output the codes: 0.5s on, 0.5s off per code, 2.5s gap between codes and then 4.5s gap before repeating all stored codes.
S/C = short circuit
O/C = open circuit
1=number of flashes per code

1: Normal
2: MAP (manifold pressure) sensor or turbo
3: Ignition eg output s/c or o/c
4: Water temp sensor
5: A/F trim (AKA mixture pot) ONLY on NON-CAT applications like GB
6: Distributor
7: Throttle position sensor
8: Air charge temp
9: Vehicle speed pickup (In speedo head)
10: Starter (may be set by bump starting)
11: Switch error eg idle switch off or A/C on during diagnosis.
Engine should not be running or A/c on

Fault codes 1, 10 and 11 do NOT set MIL (Motor inspection light)

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