best way to clean up alloys they are a bit pitterd and lacking in polish any ideas Unknw

where are you in the uk? send

where are you in the uk? send them to a paint specialist!

i had the wheels done on my austin healey sprite, but most places can do alloys too, sand blast and lacquer! depends on damage, but i remember it being about 20quid a wheel!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!



If those are the wheels on th

If those are the wheels on the Mira Classic, they're diamond cut and get tatty over time, mine are the same. If you want them to look like stock, diamond cut is what you need but you'll probably need to get them redone every 3 years or so. Grit ruins them!

alloys refurbishment

hi... what you need is some autosol alloy polish and fine grade emery paper and plenty of elbow grease and some rags, when you have the desired effect a good wash soapy water dry then laquer. hope that helps ..... Wally