Rattling noises on new Charade!


I have a persistent rattling behind/underneath the drivers dashboard on my 2004 Charade.

It only rattles on certain road surfaces, but it can be really noisy. All my mates can hear it but when I take it to be looked at, the Daihatsu garage claim they can never hear anything...despite me telling them exactly where to take the car....

I'm really fed up with it. Also the boot has started rattling now and is a little loose.

I love the car apart from the rattles, advice anyone????


Err sell it? Unfortunately for the money you can't expect VW build quality?

I love the computer age - but no much good for re-creating your rattle for all to hear!

Could always intall a good subwoofer and turn up the bass - on second thoughts, due to build quality, maybe not! ;0)


If I could sell it I would. And I do expect a car I paid 6500 when I bought it not to rattle from day one.....and for the boot not to start rattling because it's loosened after 15k.
Are people saying I should expect them to put less effort in because its cheaper than other cars.
Many car firms owe their living to smaller, well put together cars.
besides, my friend's Charade doesn't have those problems, so its harder to stomach than if it was an across the board thing