Fourtrak with blown engine HELP


Wonder if someone can help me with a little dilema I have?
After visting some friends I came across an L reg 2.8TD Independant with a missing engine forsale, fingers crossed I think I can get her for around the £350 mark, it has leather and wooden trim etc, body looks to be in pretty good condition but I havent been underneath the vehicle yet, I am also assuming the present owner still has the blown engine and anc. parts.
Now what to do, found a DL50 engine but will this fit? If not does anyone know of somewhere I can pick up (at a reasonable cost) a replacement engine and an idea of what I can expect to pay?
As its a non-runner its a bit of gamble with gearbox and diffs etc but does anyone have any useful tips that I should also be on the lookout for as I am very new to the Fourtrak's
Always been into Landies (sorry chaps but its an inherited problem) but the idea and look of the Fourtrak are really apealling.
Look forward to your comments.

Many thanks

Sound likr you have found a t

Sound likr you have found a total bargin. I'm jelous. Even beet up early Indipendents in full working order are worth way more than that kind of money. As for the engine, again no problem. All the 4trak deisle engins are basicly the same engine. The only diffrences may be:
1) there is more than one height of engine mount, however these just bolt to the block.
2) there is more than one type of terbo, and I don't know if the exhuste is in exactly the same position from one to another.
3) one thing I can't be sure of is wethere the sump is a diffrent shap on the Indipendent, to accomodate the fixed position diff.
But if you have the blown engine as well, non of these should be a problem, as the basic engine is identical.
As for looking underneeth. Obviously it's recomended, however there realy isn't much that goes wronge normaly. The chassis, axles, and gearbox are mostly so strong you won't need to worry.
The one thing the gearbox is known for is the main shaft nut coming loose. This is herolded by difficulty of selecting some gears (2nd and reverse first usually) and can develop into total inability to select any gear. However all that needs doing is to drop the transfur box off, and tighten/replace the offending nut.

Any veiws expresed in this thread by me are purely from my own experience, and (sometimes) falible memory. Hope my comments help, but please don't take them as gospel.


Nev, thanks for your reply and from what your saying i would be a fool to let this slip through my fingers, so when it eventually stops raining I will have to get underneath and check it out a bit more.
thanks once again

DL50 question

I hate to sound stupid, but which engine is the DL50?

I know of the DL42 (n/a) and DL52 (Turbo)





DL50 Reply

H, I am new to the Fourtrak world but from what I gather the DL50 is from the years 84-88 and the DL51 88-onwards, I might be completely wrong so please accept my apologises if so. I am sure that the other more experienced users on this forum could clarify this for you.