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Can anybody out there give me some advice on two questions.
When I start my Sporty Elxi the 'Check engine warning light' (Orange engine symbol) comes on it will stay on for around 30 sec's then go off. During this time and for a couple of minutes after the car will stall if you approach a junction etc, ie the rev's drop to around idle.And will not restart easily. After this she runs fine. Although I have noticed she once I have stopped my journer and returned to the car within 30 or so minutes she again will not start as well as she did and the warning light is on. Any thoughts?
Also can anybody advise what grade of engine oil I should be using? I need to do an oil change and the various grades and should it be synthetic , mineral or a mix. Its for a 1990 Sportrak 1.6 ELXi 16v.
Thanks in advance: Gary


Its a self diagnosis ECU system.
You need page EF-134, EF-31 and EF-27 of the EFI service manual. You have an engine fault which can be discovered using Sporty's built-in diagnostic proceedure. Correct use of the system will produce an error code which translates to the fault which can then be corrected.
OIL Grade ... use mineral/check catalogue in any motor shop for correct grade. Always change the oil filter. Synthetic oil is expensive and not needed.

Thanks for the info, I have

Thanks for the info,
I have checked the manual and it seems very complicated for a part time mechanic like me!
This problem seemed to start after I replaced the alternator, there are no loose electrical connections or hoses that I can see. So?
Also at the same time I fitted the K&N filter mod'. Has anybody had any problems after fitting the filter.
With this in mind could either of those be the source of my stalling/restarting problem.
Thanks Gary.

Low pressure.

Assuming the battery is fully charged, then assume the alternator is working. If you have fitted an oil filter modification, the engine could be registering low oil pressure and registering as a fault. However, the stalling/starting could be anything from electrical to fuel problems. I assume you have checked the condition of the distributor cap [electrodes and centre pin], plugs, coil and distributor timing.

The cutting out problem seeme

The cutting out problem seemed to be down to the K&N Air filter upgrade. I removed the filter and fitted the original maze of pipes of the old air filter and she runs like a dream.
Any suggestions on what it is? Do I need to fit the filter and get a retune? or have I done something stupid? I followed the instructions as per the modification forum listed on this site.
Just for the record I have a Sportrak 1.6 ELXi 1990.
Thanks Guys

Cutting out

Odd that replacing the standard filter sorted it. I have K&N'ed my
Sporty with no problems. It's worth checking the ignition system i.e.
ignition timing, spark plug gap / condition, HT leads, distributor cap etc.
Also check the fuel system, fuel filter clogging, fuel pump worn or faulty, blocked injectors etc.
Possibly if your not getting adequate fuel delivery fitting the K&N leaned out the mixture badly? Don't know if that would cause stalling
or poor starting though.
If the ign / fuel systems are all pukka than maybe there's an ECU fault? I'm only guessing here though ECU's are uncharted territory for me.
Good luck, sorry I can't help more. There's always the thorny option
of taking it to a garage, but personally I find mechanics hard to trust.


Thanks for the advice. I th

Thanks for the advice.
I thought it strange too, everbody raves about the difference to performance the K&N gives, although I did not notice a great deal of difference, especially on the motorway where she felt slugish and strained to reach the higher speeds.
I will check over / replace the HT leads, spark plugs etc. But your right if it comes down to the ECU that becomes daunting. I was advised earlier to check out the sections in the manual relating to the ECU, I got totally lost and gave that up. Fingers crossed its not that. If all else checks out at least she still runs on the old filter (For now!):?


sportrak problem

Your cutting out and non starting for a while prob sounds very similar to a prob i had with my Astra. on mine it was the hall switch in the distributer that was faulty. I'm not sure what method the sporty uses to trigger the spark as mine is away getting a farm wall pulled out it I can not check for you.

It will have either 1 of 2 things: A hall effect distributer

or a crank position sensor on the crank pulley.

Basically the hall switch or crank sensor picks up a signal to tell ecu engine is turning the ecu which then sends a signal to the coil to fire the ht(spark) If the signal is blocked or disrupted the engine will either not fire or will cut out in the manner you mention. have a look and try either or.

This problem sent me up the wall and I had changed plugs leads cap ecu etc and nothing worked until some one suggested that to me, so worth a shot.

sportrack problems

Not sure if you received my previous response.
I had the same problem with my 1600 ELXI.
Initially I increased the tick over, it didn`t stop the problem but it was less embarassing at the lights.
I had it analysed and it was found to be the water temperature unit under the distributor.The garage replaced it for just over £100-00, most of that was labour.