Wierd or what!


Hi Guys!
Just been sat out in my dear old F75 having a quiet moment when for no apparent reason the speakers in the side panels came to life. Just as if someone had turned the radio on with the volume turned down. They continued to hiss and crackle on and off for sometime. The radio was turned off and the keys were not in the ignition.:shocked:
Is it time for the staight jacket or has anyone else had the same experience?

flippin ek!

now that is wierd i would have got out and been on my toes down the road.

Sounds like you should be getting a priest round to me!!!!


it could be an earth fault ev

it could be an earth fault even on the aerial! but it could be haunted speakers aaaaaaahhhhhh wooooooo! lol!

I have a ghost at my house, is scares the piss out of me! im not really the sort that believes in this sorta thing, but i have been living in a 150 year old mansion house which is split into flats, the house is seriously spooky and as soon as i moved in stuff started to happen, boxes of things on the floor (alarm clocks and star wars stuff) started setting itself off, last night when i got home the kettle was boiling!
there is a woman all grey and white that stands on the top of the outside stairs and watches me working on me car! i see her every time i go out to the garage!
what really scared me was being woke up in the middle of the night beign shaken by someone that was not there!

so you have it easy with just haunted speakers i have a ghost that likes to wake me at 3 in the morning, but on the bright side she puts the kettle on just before i get home lol! shame she aint good looking the rotting look aint nice lol!

perhaps several rolls of rubber wall paper should be on my xmas list?

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

oooo errrr

jesus mate if i were you i would move out!

can't fault her with the kettle tho, maybe leave some cooking books around the house and you never know there may be a nice hot meal waiting for you one day!

Don't think you'll get many takers for a dinner party tho


lol, know what you mean, i pr

lol, know what you mean, i proper love the house tho! i can put up with stuff happening! but my mates dont wana come over anymore! lol

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

check the speaker wiring and

check the speaker wiring and make sure that it isn't getting shorted out to any other wires or to ground or anything. Then check the stereo.

Radio waves.

Radio waves. My telephone did pick up radio two. Got a new phone and problem gone. Blum 3