YRV Turbo, problem with AT



Long time ago since I wrote something here!

Currently I have some problems with my automatic gearbox, and I want to share it with you that you know more about the AT gearbox and that you know how to troubleshoot the gearbox!

At first I will describe the issue.

When my ride is standing more then 12 hours and when the weather conditions are "specially" (means cold = less than 10 degress celsius). When starting my ride under this conditions I first reconice that any gear I going in VERY hard, so I mean it makes a lound nois like "clonggg" and after putting in the "D" drive the "D4" Led will flashing. In this condition the gearbox DOES NOT switch to any higher gear then the 1st one.

Resolve: Switch to "N" or "P" switch off engine and restart. Then it works fine.

I have 2 suspect:

1) The 2 sensors from the AT Gearbox are bad. So I heard from some other YRV owners (and some Dealers) from europe that this sensors MAY go bad after a period of time.

So at first I replace the 2 sensors with each other. The first sensor (nearly to the engine) is to get the RPM from the engine to the gearbox.
The second sensor is for the tourque managment, if THIS sensor will does'nt work properly then you can feel the switching between the gears harder than normally. But after switching the 2 sensors it's all the same :scratch: COULD mean that booth sensors are bad, must be very specific that this will only happen in cold conditions, and last winter my YRV works perfect, so it is not "factory default". Change this 2 sensors will my LAST possibility!

2) My ATF fluid is bad!
Let us summarize the issue.

a) The error cames only in cold weather conditions
b) The sensors work as magnetic sensor , so when the "mark" comes to the sensor he send this to the AT-ECU
c) when the ATF is really hot all works PERFECT
d) if you get out the sensors, clean it and rebuild in all will works fine for 2 or 3 days

At first I will change the ATF fluid and the ATF FILTER and will clean the sensors.

This is what I do at the 1. December where I have hollyday for 6 days

After that I hope I know more then now, I will post this here! Smile

My YRV Turbo has developed a

My YRV Turbo has developed a similiar problem:

I can leave my car for 12- 16 hours (in cold conditions) no problem.

I drive to work in the morning, (10 minute journey) my car is left for 8 hours.

On starting my car to leave work I select D4 but N LED stays lit and the D4 LED starts flashing (steer shift will not work)

I put the gearbox into Park, switch off the engine, start engine and now the gearbox works fine.

Any suggestions?

I know this original post

I know this original post was from couple of years ago, however its winter and I now seem to occasionally have this issue suddenly starting too. Anyone worked out why it happens and what to do in order to fix the issue?
03 Reg Yellow YRV Turbo!


Mine did it in the cold

Mine did it in the cold weather this morning for the first time, other than when I got the sensor soaked washing the car.
Turned it off then back on and was fine.
It's in the dealers today anyway so they are going to check it out.