Any one any idea what the mpg might be , I am about to buy a 2.6 TDI Fourtrak....any other


My 1990 F75 averages 28mpg. I have filled the tank on a number of trips and calculated fuel used and it is always within the 28mpg figure. Hope this helps.

28 sounds about right! ho

28 sounds about right!

how about this tho! anyone thinking of a little veg oil in the tank might consider it further!

Assuming 25 mpg
Diesel @ £4-40 per gal
= 17-61p per mile

Using New Veg Oil @ 50 / 50 mix
Assuming 25mpg
= £3-13 per gal mixed
= 12-5p per mile
Therefore costwise 25 mpg becomes 35mpg

Using New Veg Oil @ 100% and declaring / paying half duty
= £3-54 per gal
= 14-16p per mile
Therefore costwise 25mpg becomes 31mpg

Chip Oil and paying the full duty on it
= £1-22 per gal
= 4-9p per mile
This therefore costwise at 25mpg becomes 90mpg

remember chip shops pay to have the waste oil taken away and will give it to you! filter it and thin it and 90mpg and not your breaking any laws and paying full duty!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

how do you thin chip oil? wh

how do you thin chip oil? whats the cold starting like on 100% chip oil? (20 degrees f here this week) are there any long term wear problems with the injection pump? otherwise sounds good

100% chip oil is not viable u

100% chip oil is not viable unless you mod the car, have inline and tank fuel heaters, fuel filter heaters uprated fuel pump and glow plugs! but chip oil can be turned into bio diesel with a little chemistry, and metal barrel a gas burner and a skim mixer (like on a drill) dio fuel is not that hard to make if you know how!

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

so we have to spend megabucks

so we have to spend megabucks and hours moding the car and hours converting the chipoil to fuel then? dont think i'll bother

Veg oil

I ran my Fourtrak on 100% veg oil in the summer without any mods. In the winter a 50/50 mix is ok, add about 10% unleaded fuel if it's too grumpy when very cold.
No processing or modding needed.



very clever...u just put the flora stright into the diesel tank...