Ideling Revs


Can anyone tell me where is the adjustment of the ideling speed I would like to set it at 900rpm as at present it's always on 11rpm. Mine is a Sportrak ELXi 1993.

All help most welcome.

Thank you

Sportrak Idle speed adjustment

The idle speed adjustment screw is located under a black plastic blanking plug on the rear top engine side of the fuel injection throttle body housing. Make sure that the ignition timing of the HDE engine is correctly set before you set the idle speed. The timing on mine had been incorrectly set - marks MUST be aligned with the first vacuum advance (closest to the distributor- also known as "sub timing advance") disconnected and plugged.
Hope this helps.

David Mc

That is fine, now I know what

That is fine, now I know what's what. I intend to have it fully tuned in the near future I just want to understand the bits.

Thank you