fourtrak for's and against


Hi all!
I've just joined so be gentle with me!!
I think I've just persuaded the boss we should have a 4x4.
I'm very tempted with a fourtrak, this is going to have to be our main transport as well as towing a small car trailer, and serve as shooting transport. It will spend the majority of the time on road with an annual mileage of 6k.but have to cope with muddy farm tracks
Looking at a budget of about £5k.
Any reccomendation's??? or steer clear of a certain type???
As they've been phased out, do you see any future parts supply problem's?

Ta in advance

Well, they're almost unbreaka

Well, they're almost unbreakable, provided reasonable preventative maintenance is undertaken. Oil every 5000km and filter every 10 000km. Keep the air cleaner element clean, and make sure fuel is well filtered. This goes with any diesel. Parts shouldnt be a real worry, as there are plenty about in the UK, more than here in Oz. Aftermarket parts a a bit hard to come by, apart from the basics. Owner engineering and ingenuity come to the fore here. A lot can be done to them, depending on how crazy you want to go.


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best gun bus

use mine for shooting to cant beat the large window spaces for swinging the rifle out at charlie when out lamping. great of road find mine good on the diesel to in the lower gears compared to the mitsibushi l200's

shoot shoot

shooting cant think of anything better fishing a close second

you all do womans sports! :-)

you all do womans sports! SmileBlum 3

why not combine shooting and fishing and do what i do and cover your self head to tow in neoprene ( i look like james bond) and go spear fishing! last season got a 9 pound sea bass off torquay and it was lovely eating! all the fun of shooting and lots more fun than fishing!

chase the fish shoot the fish eat the fish yum yum! Biggrin

anyone wana ride in my hovercraft!

I've got a modified metal fra

I've got a modified metal frame fits on the roofrack and gives a soild rest all round. Means you can stand on the front seat out of the sunroof and you have a brilliant vantage point. Not many rabbits get away from the HMR from there. Its also fantastic without the rest for shotgun rabbit shooting.

Don't think you'll find a bet

Don't think you'll find a better vehicle for your purposes from what you say here. Don't even consider a Landrover unless you like paying out massive repair bills.

Go for a 2.8TDX which is pretty much the top of the range, good time to buy now as the market is pretty slow, you'll get a good un' for 5 grand.

Parts don't seem to be a problem, apparently Daihatsu are keen to support the vehicles having realised that they have a bit of a following. They are still in production for other markets but don't now meet with current, tightening UK regulations.

I've had several and currently own 2; a "V" reg TDX which I'm selling and an "M" reg. Timberline which is also a TDX model. Mine are used on road and for my shooting and fishing forays, they are a good general purpose vehicle with 7 seats, the only minor drawback compared with some other 4x4's is the lack of boot space.

You've got power steering with high and low ratio 4 wheel drive, assuming that you are getting the later, indepenant model (your budget makers this very likely). It's a good car to drive on the road, not a rocket but will cruise OK at 70mph, I get around 28mpg from mine.

3.5 ton towing capacity so towing horse trailers is OK, many of the people towing them behind estate cars are breaking the law.

Some models have aircon but I have to admit that I prefer the fully removable sun roof version common on the older ones, it's very handy for shooting at night Wink

seconded about the shooting a

seconded about the shooting at night its awesome. The only thing to add is they are very capable but shooting wise you need to remember they are a 3 door so back seat passengers need to be fairly agile to get in



Thank's to everybody who replied!!!!
Just have to find one now!!!!!!


a note of caution, fourtracks

a note of caution, fourtracks are relitavly small and only 3 door, im not convinced they are ideal for transporting shooting parties, not if you mean 6 or 7 people plus guns to a pheasant shoot, 2 people bombing round a field in the dark is a different kettle of fish. we have a fourtrack which is ideal for towing a large trailer. with 7 people in there is little room for lunch and coats, when deciding to replace the family car we decided we must have something bigger and 5 door, thought about troopers and shoguns but found a discovery. so are now running both a discovery and a fourtrack. personally for shoot transport i would choose a basic landrover 110, bench seats in the back, bare metal that can be hosed out at the end of the day.