Hijet Engine Cuts Out (re-starts 5 mins later)???


I have recently purchased a Hijet EFI mpv (1996, Petrol).
It occasionally cuts out at junctions, and doesn't start again for anytime between 5 and 20 mins.
Its had a new fuel filter and the tank's been cleaned out, but the problem persists.
Help would be very much appreciated.
Is it a temp related problem? e.g needs to cool down before re-starting? Cheers Folks.

Bunged up tank breather ?

As the engine sucks in petrol, air has to get into the petrol tank.

In the days of old, there used to be a little hole in the filler cap to allow for this, but nowadays things have got horrendously complicated.

Next time it stops, nip out and undo the petrol cap and listen for air being sucked into the tank. It might even start straight after you have done this, which, if so, is a dead giveaway to the source of your problem.

It means taking the breather arrangement apart .....

..... and, because I don't know this vehicle, I can't say how complicated a job it will be.

Normally there's a whole bunch of tubes associated with the tank filler and a porous filter affair hidden inside the bulkhead above the tank level. If these things are easy to get at, it shouldn't be too much trouble to check that the tubing and filter are clear.