problems with headlamp relay 4-trak


my headlights wouldnt work on dip or raise and the fuses were intact so i prodded the relay situated behind the fusebox and they came to life, now i think i must have an intermittently faulty relay - i cant source one from daihatsu. When i pull the thing out i can see there is a circuit diagram but its partially been rubbed away - so does anyone know what type of relay it is and is there a pattern part i can use instead (they sell relays at maplin from £1.49 upwards but there is about 4 different types depending on the internal circuit


What year is the car ? I t

What year is the car Unknw

I think you will find you need a four pole switch which gives you two contacts for the coil and two for the normally open switch side. The five contact relays just give you the option of using common, normally open and normally closed so if you get one of those and hard wire it in it gives you both options. Just make sure it will handle the current over the relay contacts.

You can open up the cans on the original ones if you are careful (did mine recently), they unplug from the mounting block and you can carefully prise open the legs on the metal cover. If you are getting intermittent function by wobbling the relay in the connector block I'd check the contacts there first.

The dip switch on the main switch cluster is a pretty poor bit of kit so it's worth having a look at the contacts there as well.