Heater has stopped working


Hi Just a quick question... the heater in my Sportrak (91 H reg)has suddenly stopped working. Is there a simple solution or is it a bit more tricky than that. I've read somewhere in the problems forum about a heater matrix - is this likely to be something I'll have to get?

Hi Leigh Dont know how mec

Hi Leigh

Dont know how mechanically minded you are...but a couple of things...have you checked the fuse is'nt blown ?.....When you say its stopped working...can you still hear the fan ?...or do you mean there is no hot air being delivered ?.............

Not mechanically minded at all !!!!!

I can't hear the heater but there is hot air coming out when the car is moving - I did look at the fuses but couldn't see one for the heater so thought that it didn't have one - is it going to be a case of removing each fuse and testing or do you know where it is located.


Three places to find fuses.

1..there are 2 fuse blocks behind the drivers foot peddles - you have probably found the foot peddles already so the fuse boxes should be no problem!.

2.. there is a fusable link attached to the car's battery on the positive terminal. Its under the red plastic sleeve.

The heater system is on a 30amp fuse so check all the 30amps first. Then go through the others - use the puller tool [found in the fuse box] to remove each fuse - they are tricky to get out. If all fuses are OK then the blower switch by the car's radio is possibly faulty.


i have the same problem i was on a trip and my heater just cut out this was in august but the other day my friend noticed drips on his foot when it was near the heater dose that mean i need a new matrix


Yes your matrix is dead. Fix it before the floor rots and the carpets stink. Its a pig of a job to replace but made easy if you know what to detach and what to access. I replaced my matrix at £57 [new] and took about 6 hours. Dont even consider getting the old matrix repaired - its not worth the effort.
Knowing how to do the job, its could be done in half the time!


were do i get a new one from

New matrix supplier

Hi Mace, I can't find your post that actualy details the name of the place you got your matrix from. Could you push the details to me on eval(unescape('%64%6f%63%75%6d%65%6e%74%2e%77%72%69%74%65%28%27%3c%61%20%68%72%65%66%3d%22%6d%61%69%6c%74%6f%3a%73%6e%61%70%70%6f%2e%62%61%72%62%40%74%69%73%63%61%6c%69%2e%63%6f%2e%75%6b%22%3e%73%6e%61%70%70%6f%2e%62%61%72%62%40%74%69%73%63%61%6c%69%2e%63%6f%2e%75%6b%3c%2f%61%3e%27%29%3b')), or reply here?

Also...is the fan working on

Also...is the fan working on all speeds? If not or just some, then one or more of those little resistors on the fan housing has gone.

After reading about all the grief concerning rotting matrix's, its probably a good idea to do flush it througly and refill with a good high concentration of quality anti-freeze/inhibitor (At least once a year like paranoid me!);-)

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty

The heater matrix is the heat

The heater matrix is the heater-radiator beneath the dashboard.When faulty, it leaks water into the foot well. I recently replaced my matrix at diy cost £57 new.[garage estimated £550] I can give you the matrix suppliers telephone number if needed. Quite a tricky job but easy when you know where to find the consealed screws/bolts to release the dashbord. Matrix cannot be removed without releasing the dashboard.
If you have no heat, then its unlikey to be a leaky matrix. You would be paddling in water.

1. Has the heater-blower fuse blown?
2. Is the radiator full of coolant? Sometimes the over-flow reservoir contains coolant but the radiator is empty. If depleated your radiator is probably leaking - usually just below the filler cap, along the upper tank seam.I have today removed my radiator [J reg] and soldered the seam .. the radiator was almost empty, yet the reservoir was full! Again an easy job to remove if you know the tricks.
3. Is the water temperature high?
If its overheating then either the water pump is faulty, the thermostat is stuck or the coolant system blocked. The main radiator tends to get dirty and needs flushing - has your H reg ever been flushed out?
4. Finally... Touch the two rubber water pipes that go to the heater-matrix .. find them in the bulk-head lower left side of engine. If these pipes are hot then the heater-blower is broken, the 4-way heater-switch broken, or the matrix is blocked. Access to either can only be gained by releasing the dashboard.

NB...If you release the dashboard I suggest investing in a new matrix as a matter of course. Your H reg matrix must be nearing failure. They rot!