Sportrak Fuel Consumption


I need help yet again please!! - It's to do with the over-complicated carb on my 1990 Sportrak. I'm only getting around 60 miles from 20 litres of fuel - should be more like 90 to 110 or so I think. There are no leaks, no sticking brakes, and all hoses etc are connected and tight. My bank balance is going down fast!! - All ideas to quench its thirst will be most welcome..Thanks.

Fuel Sporty

Should get 26/28 miles per gallon. Conversion - 4.56 litres is one gallon. So approx 6.1 miles per litre is expected.
Your 60 miles from 20 litres gives 3 miles per litre. Your using double fuel. Much too thirsty.

Do you drive it hard? What rp

Do you drive it hard? What rpm do you shift at usually?
Do you have non-standard size tyres on it?
Have you checked the air filter?
The carby/fuel system may need cleaning or a good tune up.
is the car running well and revving freely? Any lack in power?

In rank order.

Change the air filter.Priority.
Check the auto choke is disengaging.
Check the valve clearance if you have tappets.
Check the distributor cap's condition/rotor and distributor's timing.

Sportrak Fuel Comsumption

Hi, Thanks to all. Air filter is new, and I don't drive it hard. Valve clearance and timing is ok, and petrol system and carb are clean. Not sure how to check if choke is coming off ok though - should the flap at the top of the carb mouth be vertical when engine is warm? The engine revs freely and doesn't seem to be running rich, and power is ok. Standard tyres are fitted also. Am at a loss what to check next!!


Choke on ..... hole covered.
Choke off ..... hole open for air flow.

What colour are the spark plugs at the electrode?