Has my sporty got an air intake temp. sensor


Hello could anybody help me.
I've bought an adjustable power boost switch from ebay, that tricks your engine to pump more fuel in, thus giving it more power (suposedly!). It needs to connect to my AIR INTAKE TEMP. SENSOR. Could anybody tell me which one it is as there are plenty to choose from.
Or if not could you tell me where to turn the fuel mixture up as i have fitted a k&n and am worryed it's running lean.
Thanks very much if you can help.

bit i forgot

me again, i forgot to mention it's a j reg mk.2 sportrak elxi
thank you

These things dont really work

These things dont really work Sambo... they trick the motor in to running a bit more fuel... but this doesn't always mean more power.. you will burn more fuel and not see much gain... It is nearly the same as when they start of a morning and sort of have auomatic choke where more fuel is put in.
With injected...you cant really just tuen the mixture up.. it is computer controlled.. after you installed your K&N it will have accounted for this using the air flow sensor and changed the fuel accordingly.

Cheers you've put my mind

you've put my mind at ease didn't want it doing any damage. was a bit usure about the switch, but the chance of 25bhp for £8 was a chance i couldn't refuse. i'll put it back on ebay were i bought it i think.
Thanks loads for your advice