Niva alloys on F75


Hi all,

Firstly, many thanks to all who have helped before and wish I could contribute more.... I'm not that mechanicall minded sorry.

Here's my question; I've managed to locate some 15" Lada Niva alloys going cheap and I know the stud pattern is the same as my 99 Fourtrak. The centre hole sounds big enough for the locking hubs but can anyone else suggest any potential problems before I purchase? Will I have to get any new nuts or can I use the Niva nuts. I'm assuming the alloy nuts will be different to the steel nuts as the steels are angled. Have included a link below to a picture of a car with the same alloys as I'm attempting to transplant soon:

Any help much appreciated

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Cool.... will get the dosh out and pick them up straight away. Any idea about the nut situation. I know Daihatsu charge a fortune for them but I'm sure other places sell second parts that fit. I'm sure I'll figure it out. Cheeers again Mudman for the speedy reply. This site is great.

Marky B

I belive Ford Siara wheel nut

I belive Ford Siara wheel nuts fit, if that helps.

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Brill, thanks

That is excellent. Those should be easy to find and alot cheaper than what Daihatsu have to offer. Unfortunate that some of their parts remain high. Many thanks again to all contributers.