A few dash problems...


Hello all! Got my lovely lil sportrak yesterday... but, the rev counter, thermo and petrol gauge aren't working - are they all on one fuse? Do you think it would be a fuse problem? Any ideas how to fix it? The speedo is working, just nothing else !!


Yes a fuse. Its the 7.5A found in a fuse block behind the drivers foot and below the steering wheel. There are two fuse boxes and one of the 7.5amp fuses powers tach, temp. fuel. You might also have 4wd indicator, rear dampers, and oil pressure lamp, not working since they are on the same fuse.


Thanks a lot Mace! I'll try and sort it out tonight!
I haven't noticed any of those lights and haven't tried the 4wd yet because the owner told me you have to do something else before turning it on yet. Anyway, i'll change the fuse tonight, thanks alot for your help!

Ok.... I changed the fuse, an

Ok.... I changed the fuse, and apparently that isn't the problem...

However, the fuse that was in there was a 30A fuse, when it should of been a 7.5A fuse, could this of damaged anything? It just the guages - all the lights are working (apart from the lights around the air control and all that stuff on the center panel.

So does anyone know anything about wiring who might be able to help me? How i can get access to behind the dash without messing it all up?!

The main thing i would like is my petrol guage!! Smile

Thanks again!

A few to check.

A 7.5amp blows before anything of a higher rating gets damaged.Its a safety mechanism. It follows that if there is a 30amp fuse then that will blow at 30amp ... consequently anything below 30amp will blow first..... so at worst anything could be burned out such as cable, clock mechanisms etc.
1. Has the 30amp as fitted fused?
2. Can you smell burned wire?
3. If you have an electrical meter, test the voltage between the problem 7.5amp contacts in the fuse box. Then test for conductivity from its positive contact to earth --- if it registers volts then the fault is between the fuse box and the dash. If no volts then the problem might be between the fuse box and battery but having a 30amp the cable could be burned out. You need to investigate.