auto to manual conversion


i've blown the auto gearbox in my 94
detomaso and any specialists i've
spoken to have said its not really worth
rebuilding because of the cost. i've been told my best bet cost wise is to
convert it to a manual..has anyone here
done this?? i'm really stuck so any help
is appreciated!!

auto to manual conversion

I wouldn't convert it personally, it's usually much easier and cheaper to source another good autobox and change them over.

I don't know about the autobox in your Charade, but if it is the same as other Charades then there appear to be a few low mileage cars around for not much money that could yield a good autobox. Many small japanese automatics are bought by older, careful drivers who dont tend to thrash them. However older manual cars are often thrashed by enthusiastic younger drivers keen to red line in every gear!

If you are really keen to carry out the conversion, the easiest and cheapest way is to purchase another similar manual car and swap over the necessary bits - but be warned, a mate of mine did it on a Transit van and it was a bitch of a job because of all the fiddly little things such as cables, pedal mountings, linkages and interior trim. That was bad enough on a common vehicle so to do a good job on a rare japanese car is a tall order unless you are very patient and are a good mechanic!

Remember when costing it up that you will need a new clutch, and be careful you dont buy a worn manual box.
Good luck!


Hi twiceshy, i've never had any experience with your car but i know on some cars the engine also has differences from auto to manual. The flywheel is usually different because of the change from fluid flywheel to a manual clutch and sometimes the crankshaft is different too. The engine power characteristics are altered on some cars too. As the previous guy said i'd look for a second hand unit to put in.

Auto to manual conversion

Don't know where you live, but if your into e bay, Item No.4617476817 is a 1991 automatic charade thats only done 38000 miles. Its bidding at £45 with 2 days to go and its in the north of england. Its described as having an 'excellent engine and gearbox'. Must be worth a look!