Daihatsu should bring this to the UK!!


Was bored and looking at the Daihatsu Japan site to see what wild and wacky cars they get in Japan as the Japanese tend to get some very strange looking cars compared to the rest of the world from a number of different makers. Then came across this.


Sell it in the UK and actually do some TV adverts for it, and I am sure it'd sell and also Promote the new Terios which will be coming out soon!

I agree, I have yet to see a

I agree, I have yet to see a Daihatsu TV advert and there are a lot of people who still don't know about Daihatsu cars.I still have people ask what make my YRV Turbo is.

The old Altis was a rebadged Toyota Camry but the new Altis looks fantastic, a bit like a Lexus.
I'm sure it would sell in the UK if they decided to bring it here.

The car I really, really want Daihatsu to bring to th UK is the new Sirion X4, in white, please!

Underneath that is, in fact,

Underneath that is, in fact, a Toyota Avensis.

The Avensis is mainly a Europe only model, so by re-skinning it and putting it under the Daihatsu badge will garner them some extra sales.

Dave with a Sporty

Dave with a Sporty