Brakes locking on 95 Independent


Hi.Wonder if anyone can help.I sold my much loved Independent which I had for 6 years to my brother,as i,ve now got a Nissan Navara.I had 6 years of trouble free fun, but some niggly things have started happening.The truck pulls to the left quite noticeably and on braking it has a tendency to lock up at the front,causing it to skid, even on dry the wet its just plain scary! Before I changed it,id had new drums put on the back, with new pads at the front..and had new tyres put on all round.Could it be that the brake calipers have perhaps been adjusted wrongly? and would the fact that it pulls to the left be explained by this? Any ideas would be much appreciated.PS ...much as I love my Navara, its not a patch on the 4trak off road !!

Break Calippers are self 'adj

Break Calippers are self 'adjusting'. That said, if you have fitted new pads (especially if it has been some years since this was last done) then that may be the problem. As the pads ware down, more and more of the calipper piston is left pushed out of the calipper body. There should be a thin rubber gatter covering the exposed piston to protect it from the eliments. If this gatter has failed, then the piston may be rusted and pitted, or even just dirty, and jamming in the bore now that the piston is back inside it due to the new pads. A good clean up may be all that is needed.

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Thanks for that Nev.I,ll get

Thanks for that Nev.I,ll get him to check that.Sods law, that never had a hint of any problems with the old girl till i passed her on ! And with it being in the family, feel a bit guilty ! Cheers. Colin

I would suggest the slide pin

I would suggest the slide pins on the calipers are sticking. Pull the calipers off, and there are 2 pins that join the two parts together, get these out, 12mm spanner IIRC, and clean the bores and pins up, then regrease.


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