Oil Sump and Gasket



I drive a 91 daihatsu sportrak with EFi. I need a new oil sump gasket and maybe a new oil sump because its leaking a fair amount of oil. Has anyone else had this problem, as I was wondering whether I should just replace the gasket, or whether I should by a new oil sump as well. Oh, and does this mean taking the engine out or can i get to it underneath? The engine was rebuilt about 1 1/2 years ago but the gasket was never replaced.

Also could anyone give me numbers for companys that can supply these parts for reasonably at cheap prices as I am a student! (location portsmouth UK)

Cheers Fellas!


i sourced a sportrak sump from a internet search engine with 24 hours of posting the ad try a search for 24/7 spares and put in the details of the sportrak and they should get back to you with what you need i got my sump quite quick from them.
as for the gasket i believe that sportrak use gasket sealant instead ofan actual gasket i am not 100% on this but worth checking out with daihatsu dealer for confirmation..

you could always just get

you could always just get some gasket paper from the net to be sure (try ebay) and use sealant too, to be double sure. you will have to remove the front two bashguards to get in. not sure of clearance but you should be able to get into all the bolts and remove the sump without touching the diff.


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