New 4x4 road tax band


Can anybody tell me if the sportrak falls in to the new 4x4 road tax band (£200).

Road Tax

The Sportrak doesn't fall into this band.

It only applies to cars registered after 2001 whose emissions are above a certain level - ie. "Chelsea Tractors".

The Sportrak is in the 1549cc or over class - I think its around £170 per year.

...and it's not a 4x4 tax ban

...and it's not a 4x4 tax band.. it's for any high emission car. They can't discriminate against 4x4s even though they'd love to, so this is the only way they can get around it... for now.


Just taxed my Discovery tdi .... £175. Same price as my Sportrak.
PS ... its time the road tax is incorporated into fuel price. Road tax is priced into the fuel in France and French fuel is cheaper than UK prices.