Oil Change


Hi Guy's

Can anyone tell me the makes and grades of oil i need to do a full oil change. I have had my Fieldman '94' for about 6 month's now and am unsure as to it's service history. Now the weather is getting warmer and i don't mind scrabbling about underneath quite so much i thought i would give the old girl a treat.
I have changed the engine oil, i just want to know what to use for the Gearbox, Transfer Box and Diff's.


Oil Change

I like castrol oils. If you go on their web site at www.castrol.com it has a seach facility to check the lubrication for your truck. I have a 99 TDX ind and use API GL4 SAE 75W-90 for transmission and transfer and the API GL5 80W-90 for the diffs.

Thanks for the reply to my po

Thanks for the reply to my post. Sorry for the delay, i have been on holiday. I will check out the Castrol site.