No four wheel drive ?


Hi new to the site and wondered if anyone could help with a little information I have a 96 fourtrack TDL used it in four wheel drive for the first time to pull my caravan of the wet field and only got one wheel drive on O/S/Rear high & low seem to work but thats it! any ideas or comments would be appreciated thanks Jeff

Hi jef, see if the free wheel

Hi jef, see if the free wheeling hubs are locking in when you put into 4 wheel drive, remember you need to move in one direction for a few metres after selecting so the hubs can lock. (that is if you heve auto locking hubs fitted?) John

thanks john but they dont see

thanks john but they dont seem to be working either if they were stuck or jammed and i select 4/w/drive should both back wheels not drive anyway Unknw

no 4wd

without difflocks then one wheel will spin out whilst the other remains static, if you solely use the motor off road and never intend to use it on the road again then you could weld the diffs up.
Other than that it would cost a shed load of money to have manual lockers fitted.
You need to assertain why the front wheels are not taking drive.

jeff, is the 4wd light illumi

jeff, is the 4wd light illuminating on dash when you engage 4wd? if it is and you've still no 4wd it may lie with the free wheeling hubs. i had this problem on my F78, the auto ones were knackered. replaced them with manuals and hey presto!
If the light isn't coming on dash, it maybe a prob with solenoids on tranfer box, or vacuum feed...
hope that sheds a wee bit more light on the matter


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Thanks guys it would seem tha

Thanks guys it would seem that the auto hubs are knackered then going off your discriptions yes the light comes on to show 4 wheel drive and thats it took it back to the dealer I got it from and I have to give him a ring tomorrow will let you no the outcome cheers Jeff

No four wheel drive

On my fourth fourtrak now - this is the first one I had that wasn't manual hubs. My little baby needs to work for her living so is off road regularly either towing big fat animals or carting heavy loads across muddy fields. Needless to say she now has manual hubs - worth the extra expense.

On my fifth fourtrak - best 4x4 by far.