What engine to replace Feroza's carbie


Hi all....,

I'm a driving a Feroza year 92 here in Malaysia. With escalating fuel prices i'm looking into the idea of changing my petrol engine to a diesel type... but seriously i have no idea on which engine to look for... i wonder if u guys can help me out here by suggesting the engine, performance wise and other related issues...

If diesel is a no no... i wonder what other fuel injection engine i can consider to replace my aging carbie...

thanx from the land of eternal sunshine... hehehe

here we have NGV... the thing

here we have NGV... the thing about NGV conversion is that it uses a lot of space for the tank... which i don't like...

ngv tank

ever thought of removing the fuel tank have a purpose made ngv tank to fit in its place run on ngv only? or have a small petrol tank?