Sportak roof panel - where do you put it?!


As I'm now enjoying the sunny days in my car one big question beggars - when you take the roof panel off, where do you stow it? Is it me, or does it not seem to fit in the boot vertically? I can't get it through the blinking door - it's too wide. Surely some mistake?!




Someone must have got their backside kicked when customers started asking that question back at the showrooms!!

Many thanks - backseat or garage it is then Smile


If you don't want to carry mo

If you don't want to carry more than one passenger, then it will fit across the car sitting in the rear foot wells and leaning against the rear seat. No room for the girlfriends mates, but at least you wont end up socked when the inevitable summer down poor comes.
Aulternative, get a soft top.
2nd aulternative, if you are something of a wize with heath robinson enginearing, make up some sort of two section replacment for the summer monthes?

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Sportrak Roof

I leave mine in the garden and if its going to be nice the following day, I just sit it on the car overnight.

Unfortunatley it was not designed to be taken with the car.

I had an alarm system fitted which has sensors in the back of the car, so I don't have to worry about leaving the roof off.

i took my rear seats out shor

i took my rear seats out shortly after buying my sporty however before i did i could fit the panel behind the seats in the 'boot' space - cant remember which way i had it though but it is possible