Brakes dont really work as well as they should


Hi Guys, its me, Jack Nickla....

Sorry, couldnt resist it. Biggrin

Right, those of you who have been helping through my 87 Fourtrak's problem phase, thanx, but heres the next thing.

I finally got round to replacing brake pads, all fine there no probs. This was for a couple of reasons,

1. My brake light on dash was constantly on (resolved Smile )
2. My FT wouldnt stop when pedal was pushed (problematic Sad )

So, after changing pads, i found the FT still wouldnt stop on command, so i thought i'll try bleeding them.

This i did, to the correct procedure long one first, short one last.....

Alas, still no brakes. sometime when i pump the pedal, it gets a bit harder and it will stop, but the usual is just like treading on an egg.

There also seems to be the sound of an air blast coming from the footwell when pedal is pressed. like a foot pump type of noise.

i am stuck on where to go from here.......




sounds like your servo assit has gone

Yep, Id say your vacuum brake

Yep, Id say your vacuum brake booster has a problem. When they have a problem, the pedal becomes hard, but not much braking happens.

Start the vehicle, let it idle for a few seconds, then stop it, and quickly remove the hose from vacuum pump on the rear of the alternator. You should get a quick sucking sound, as the vacuum is lost. Try it again after letting the vehicle stand for a minute or so after switch off. There should still be the sucking sound. If not, then there is loss of vacuum somewhere, which needs to be rectified. It could just be a leaking hose, or something worse.


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check brake lines

i would get underneath and check all your brake lines too. my brakes failed recently and when i checked the lines i found the ones to the rear pretty well worn out. it's not much of a biggie to get new lines made up and fit them yourself.

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You must bleed in the correct sequence. The longest run [reservoir to wheel] is first. Then next longest, and so on. Finish with the shortest.
If bled in wrong sequence you wont shift any air locks.