Head and timing troubles


Please please please is there someone who can help. My husband has just changed the head gasket on a Hijet N reg import and all was going well until we tried to start it. Adjusted timing and eventually went but w\s like bag of nails. Adjusted again and now now nor firing!. Is the head safe and does anyone have any ideas as to how to rectify problem?
Thanks muchly

Distributor 180degrees out.

I assume its petrol and the cam shaft timing belt is set correct.
He has probably set the distributor incorrectly. Check its firing on the compression stroke,at correct degree TDC. Is a common fault to set to TDC on exhaust rather than compression stroke and it will run like a bag of nails if it starts!
Remove spark plug from number-1 cylinder. Turn engine and with your finger over the plug's hole feel for maximum compression .... set to correct flywheel degree, check 'distributor gap' is opening' and tighten distributor.

Engien running but hunting

Thanks very much. Had a fiddle and sorted out timing and checked valves and distributor and finally got engine to fire. Put all back together was running rich but that eventually cleared. She is hunting quite a bit and is running a bit warm. Do you have any ideas
Ta very muchly