Suspension lift drawbacks?


I am considering a 2" suspension lift as discussed on here but can anyone tell me if there are any adverse effects on performance, road handling and durability as I use the sporty for everyday use but would like to fit bigger wheels for more ground clearance for off roading at weekends.

Lifting any vehicle will alwa

Lifting any vehicle will always cause adverse handling. Why are sports cars low? However this can be limited, depending on the method of lift you are looking at? A body lift will deffinatly reduce handling loss, as you don't lift the centre of gravity as much as with a suspension lift.

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suspension lift

will fitting longer rear shackles and raising front suspension by adjusting the torsion bars cause any damage though. I can understand that raising the centre of gravity will increase body roll on cornering.

If everything seems under control you're not going fast enough!

If everything seems under control you're not going fast enough!

suspension lift

Hi, I've done a spring over axel lift on my fourtrak and can still corner with the best of them. Body roll is minimal, I find that the tyres flex most on mine as they are 33" which gives the illusion of body roll. Overall my truck is 11" higher than standard and surprisingly still handles pretty well so i don't think that a two inch lift will cause you any problems.

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, 8" Lift, on 33,12.5,15s

1985 Fourtrak 2.8turbo, Spring over axel, on 35,12.5,15s