Crank shaft pulley bolt


Can anyone help me. I have a Oct 1993 Charade and i need to know whether the thread on the bolt that holds the bottom pulley to the end of the engine crank shaft has a left hand or right hand thread. Its so damned tight i don't know whether or not i'm making it tighter when i try to turn it. That's the other thing i need to know. How do i prevent the pulley turning when i try to loosen the bolt?

Pulley Bolt

Normal thread - clockwise to undo...

Big breaker bar wedged onto front chassis member - turn the ignition key and off she'll come - hee hee bit rough but worked for me!!


Sorry mean't Anti-clockwise to undo!

Crank shaft pulley bolt

it once had me pulling my hair out when i could not get the bolt off my Charade GTti.
The bolt is just like most bolts it goes in clockwise and out the opposite.
They are realy tough to loosen, you have got to lock the flywheel.
Tried both ways without locking even with an air wrench but would not loosen !!!
Assuming the G200 is very similar to the G100 -
I found that if you take off the starter motor you can stick a screwdriver or similar in various holes etc in the clutch plate or the ring gear teeth.
Best to put a new cam belt on also, a few $$ more but worth it in the end.
Rather than put too much strain on the new cambelt when re-tightening the bolt i also put some threadlock liquid, low/med srength so you can get it off again to less the chance of it working loose!
Remember the engine MUST NOT turn backwards and re- line up the timing marks before you remove the bolt, pulley and sprocket.
On another GTti that would not loosen, my mechanic friend put it in gear, hand brake on and sat with his foot on the brake pedal while i used a 18 inch bar and socket on the bolt.
Does not matter about straining the cam belt as a new one was put back on. Think i still jammed a screwdriver in the starter hole at the same time.
Hope this helps,

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