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G;day all, Scratch one-s headHelp
does anyone know of an air intake system for a Rocky 93 Turbo Deisol, that will increase power and not compromise fuel efficiency. And will still make allowance, for the off road snorkel I have.

I am wary of modifying when a deisol, as I have struck problems in the past re emissions.

I notice sometimes at night in car headlights following me, a light cloud is seen from exhaust, this is only under accelloration. Is this common with deisols, if so is it a major problem to take care of.

I am mechanically savvy in most things, just don't want to do anything nasty to the Rocky to create problems.

I will extrappolate I am on the other side of the world so I may not answer right away. And we do sleep here in Aus ( though we love our parties ), we're about 11-12 hrs ahead of UK time.
Cheers PAul AKA RockyDownunder Melbourne AUS. ( Outer Eastern Foothills)

Replacement air filter

You can get a replacement K&N air filter which will fit in the standard air intake system.

It saves the problem of modifying the air system itself.

1993 DAIHATSU Fourtrak 2.8L L4 DSL - Ind. Turbo SUV Air Filter
Part No. 38-9070

This is the cylindrical shaped filter.

Their website is and they do have a dealer in Australia, NSW I think.

There may be other makes as well.

Hope this helps.