Fourtrak roof


does it come off the same as a sportrak one does? i know the back window doesnt come off the tailgate but can you still take off the normal sunroof and the rest of the roof off the bakc of the car?

curious cause i wanna get a 4x4 again and im torn between a diesel and a convertible if the roof comes off a fourtrak its my decision pretty much made


The rear body mountings on my

The rear body mountings on my Fortrak are rotten so rather than repair I'm chopping the whole lot off and turning it into a cab with flat bed pick-up rear.
All I've done at present is remove the rear interia - and the roof.
Quite easy but there are screw hidden under the trim surounding the tailgate on the outside of vehicle as well as the ones visible when headlining removed.
It's very heavy so don't try to lift off yourself.
If it's anything like mine (E reg) be prepared for a shock with the amount of rot hidden by hardtop that wasn't expected.

Paul Humphries.