Are Sportrak doors the same as Fourtrak Unknw

The ones on my Fourtrak are rotten and have badly worn hinges so the quest is on for good secondhand.
There seems to be a lot more younger Sportstraks scraped than even old Fourtraks hence question.


Paul Humphries.

Bugger. There is no way I'


There is no way I'm paying nearly £130 for a set of hinges as well as trying to find a pair of rust free doors so it look like the end of my Fourtrak in current mode.

Plan B - fit alternative body.

I've a Morris 1000 convertible so have taken some measurments and it would seem a Minor might be adaptable. The quick idea is find a Traveller cab section and make the the rear as a flat bed pick-up.
The wheelbase of Morris 1000 is different to Fourtrak hence not being able to use a complete body (and I want a pick-up anyway)

I've had Land Rovers before (2 x Series IIa, 2 x Range Rover, Disocvery and Defender) so another idea is fit a Series body or even a Lightweight. A friend has a Lightweight and again measusing shows it's be feasible. The Bulkhead is simple construction so I'd build it around the Daihatsu item thus keeping pedal box etc in same position.

Paul Humphries.

Have you tried Graham Dewhurs

Have you tried Graham Dewhurst for a pair of doors and hinges...he often has most Fourtrack parts in stock...give him a ring...ya never know...

What about your you still have it Unknw